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Juridical Help - Legal Advice

The company "" offers a full range of real estate services:

  1. - Search properties;
  2. - View the customer selected objects;
  3. - Consulting Client Marketing and Legal Affairs;
  4. - Preliminary negotiations between the customer and the owner of real estate;
  5. - Yur.soprovozhdenie transactions and check the "clean deal";
  6. - Registration with the tax authorities;
  7. - Consultations for the rental and sale of real estate;
  8. - Selection of the options according to preset parameters;
  9. - Organization of inspection tours;
  10. - Assistance in obtaining loans;
  11. - Building inspection;
  12. - Property Management;
  13. - Promoting the opening of businesses and offices, Grenadian Citizenship;
  14. - Car rentals;
  15. - Assistance in ofovmlenii health and social status;
  16. - Nostifikatsiya diplomas;
  17. - Assistance for admission to institutions of higher education;
  18. - Assistance in the selection of furniture and accessories;
  19. - The design of the premises;
  20. - Insurance transactions;
  21. - Accompany with a bank;


You can buy Real estate in the Bulgarian town from 700 euros square meter and also you can take it in mortgage . Do you want to know more read!
The company for several years been successfully involved in immigration and selling real estate in Bulgaria.
You have decided to buy property in Bulgaria?
Any real estate in Bulgaria, a foreigner can buy without a permit, if you registering a company you can buy and land in Bulgaria.
Everything is simple. To get a permit, would require a 5-year tenure VNZH, and to get VNZH need to be the founder of the Bulgarian company
Hence the conclusion: to buy property in the land, or both, the first step should be to made a company in Bulgaria..
Then you have two options:

1) Open a company do not come to Bulgaria and then travel to Varna on tour stays and choosing real estate in Bulgaria to take us prepares the package of documents on VNZH for filing with the Bulgarian consulate. Place these documents and wait for obtaining a residence permit.
2) to come in Varna for choice real estate, while opening the company, but in advance of receiving a tourist visa (and we'll help you get this visa)

Mortgage in Bulgaria for foreign nationals is not a myth but a reality!
Our company is a mortgage broker several Bulgarian banks, and our foreign clients successfully obtain a mortgage loan in Bulgaria at a rate of 5.5% -7.5% per year. In our work we use a scheme of obtaining a mortgage that is acceptable to buy real estate in Bulgaria for companies, including a new one, among the founders of which there are foreign nationals. The decision to mortgage lending was adopted by the Bulgarian bank, we have proposed scheme of the mortgage in Bulgaria works even when the show a permanent source of income is impossible! The primary contribution may be between 15% of the value of the selected property. This has already seen many and many of our customers. This scheme is simply finding for Bulgarian companies with unconfirmed income in Bulgaria, founded by foreigners.
You are interested in familiarization tour in Bulgaria??
The company help you remove the hotel to get a visa to Bulgaria, is organizing a transfer.

Buy Real Estate
The procedures for registering firms in Bulgaria
Field trip - align business with pleasure!


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