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Anyone who worked in the tourism business seven or eight years ago, says that since then, much has changed.There was a very heated competition, and those super, Bonus Program for travel agencies, working under the terms of the standard fee

Bonus Program to stage 4 LIDERSTVU

This bonus program can take part, any travel agency wants to get to the standard commission an additional bonus package from the company turoperatorskoy

Conclusion agency or contract of sale is mandatory for agencies wishing to participate in the bonus program turoperatorskoy company

Conversion charges is carried out independently by

As a bonus program involved only agency with the standard commission.

For information on the commission for network agencies must clarify in the main office administering the network.

Attention! Advertising and informational tour, cancelled the application and booking air tickets in the bonus programs are disregarded.

Bonus Program to stage 4 LIDERSTVU will be calculated on the following seasons:

                  from March 2009 to September 2009 (inclusive)

                  from September 2009 to February 2010 (inclusive)

Stage 1 Primary: commission

2 step progress: commission 11%

After reaching 40 sent tourists or U.S. $ 15,000 on the amount of rounds.

Stage 3 intense: commission 12%

After reaching 80 sent tourists or U.S. $ 30 000 on the amount of rounds.

Stage 4 leader: commission 13%

After reaching 100 tourists or shipped 50,000 cu on the amount of rounds.

4 months (season) - participated in a joint free advertising

2 officer involved in the company free advertising-round information

Awarding certificates sales leader , as well as valuable prizes and gifts company employees.

Attention! In the event that your commission has been increased, but within 3 months from the date of the increase your company's sales volume declined, tour operator reserves the right to change the size of the agency in the commission down.

Intensive work within a month:

Agencies that are actively cooperating with the company turoperatorskoy, may increase the size of its fee during the season does not wait for the end of it!

1. Agency who posted a month at least 30 people receive + 1% to a commission for the next month (no more than 13%).

2. Agency who posted 50 per month and more people receive + 2% to a commission for the next month (no more than 13%).

Caution: while maintaining sales momentum in the next month, an additional percentage remains.

You must send the completed form an agency report no later than 10 calendar days from the end of the season.
For travel companies have increased commission, as well as for companies who started cooperation with tour operator offer bonus participated in the following programs: ***

Group ***.

Group application is considered the application of 10 or more tourists in one application.
At the group booking bonus act flexible system that includes an additional (s) to the percentage of agency commission (of no more than 13%) or other form of promotion.
IMPORTANT! Group applications for which were paid extra bonuses, do not participate in the bonus program.

Early booking e:
PAYMENT reservation and tour for 28 days or more - provides an additional 1% of the commission (of no more than 13%).

Reservation requests through the system on-line website company turoperatorskoy, the agency received an additional 1% of the commission (of no more than 13%) Agency, working under the terms of the standard fee, but carrying out bookings through on-line have the right to participate in the bonus program to stage 4 LIDERSTVU.

Attention travel agencies are already cooperating with turoperatorskoy company under conditions of high commission:
The size of your fee remains the same, and you'll be able to participate in the new bonus programs for tourist companies with high commission.

Watch for additional shares and special offers.which were once, anymore.Tourists have become more intelligible, the notion of a "low-cost tours" and the fact of travelling abroad no longer makes the heart beat turputevok potential buyers.

Because of the stagnation of recent years and the emergence of major players, many small travel agencies closed - not stand the competition.In this situation, to preserve tourist business in the form of small and medium businesses the power, unless the Franchise.

As in any other area franchisee buys not only business but also support from the franchisor - developed technology, advertising, brand and a range of other services that may be granted or not granted, depending on the specific conditions of the franchise. Franchising system provides information that helps franchisees find a suitable location for businesses to form its corporate identity and is satisfied that the business is functioning properly. The franchisee does not have to worry about problems at the initial stage, because he uses his art franchisor.

What we can offer travel agencies?

- Mark, widely known on the Internet, access to the most advanced and secure an audience of tourists, and a database of hotels.
- Good Spliced Web site, one of the most visited tourist sites, 10.000-15.000 people daily.
- The vast experience and opportunities for promotion of tourism companies on the Internet.
- Unique bonus program aimed at maximizing retention of regular customers. The program will work without your efforts!
- Exclusive presentation of the company "" in your state.
- Base proposals in the administrative interface of our site.
- Support your office - advice on financial, legal and other issues.
- Participation in sales training for managers.
- Increased commission from the company "".

Our grade C in 2006, we regularly invest heavily in promotion brand "" on the Internet. More information about us you can read in the "About us"

Thanks to widespread Internet site visited, not only in Europe but also in dozens of cities in Russia and CIS. That is why you will be advantageous to work with us - customers from your city has come to our site! Do not miss them! They will be much more convenient to buy a round found on our website, in their city! For a benchmark we give the number of visitors to the website per month. Region Number of visitors a month

Countries visitors.per month Countries visitors.per month
Moldova 15.800 Russia 4.624
Romania 12.771 Hungary 5.024
Belarus 4.400 Poland 5.728
Latvia 2.954 Japan 5.840
Kazakhstan 2.922 Germany 3.984
Estonia 1.798 Slovakia 4.768
Lithuania 1.325 England 3.088
Uzbekistan 5.100 Ukraine 4.064
(according to the search engine on the Rambler year 27.03.2008)

Financial conditions

Your costs as part of the work under the label "" will consist of:
Admission fee, as well as the cost of corporate identity elements (corporate signboards, posters bearing the logo of the office, discount cards with booklet, turkonverty, etc.), which tentatively will be no more 1EUR arranged for each tour. All funds received will be spent on the further promotion and publicity to mark "" on the Internet.In each state, city, we are looking for only one partner and guarantee not to grant franchise in the region to other companies for the duration of the contract.

Our wishes for a partner

- Term work as a travel agency at least 1 year.
- Work on the massive tourism fronts.
- The availability of specialists in the direction of Bulgaria, or plans to organize such direction.
- The existence of the office with a sufficient number of telephone lines, qualified staff. Leased line Internet.
- Willingness to work under the label "
- Targeting high-quality work and attention to tourists.

If you are interested in our proposal, please send information about
Your company at the address


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