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We offer our services for the care, cleaning and management of real estate in any part of Bulgaria and guarantee that you will be dealing directly with one of our local manager of customer service.

Apart-complexes, apartment-hotels are becoming more popular in Bulgaria. Many investors / buyers of houses nowadays prefer to buy real estate in such complexes because of the relatively more stable income, they offer. To do your best proposal we need to examine your definition of real estate and services that will be included in your fee.


Maintenance and Management

You can continue to use our services for the care, cleaning and property management.

Delivery of your real estate in Bulgaria for rent and finding reliable nanemateley no longer have to bring you the trouble. To achieve this, we suggest you use our services for the management of real estate. We razreklamiruem your property through our website and our network of agents for free. In the case of passing the real estate, our commission will be 30% of rent. No employer - no commissions!


The list of services included in the package for maintenance

  • Check equipment, selected and paid the client, and periodic checks for loss or damage. In any case, you will be immediately notified and you will find an opportunity to address the problem.
  • Twice a year full cleaning properties.
  • Promote in obtaining insurance on your property from natural disasters and vandalism. The cost of insurance is not included in the package
  • Periodic inspection of all electrical appliances and their repair, if necessary.
  • Maintenance of electrical wiring, including all necessary repairs, lighting and 220W electrical system, as well as repair of electrical appliances with expired warranty.
  • Servicing of the water supply and sewerage systems, including repair of cranes, bathroom and other bathroom equipment.
  • Maintenance of internal and external pools and spa facilities.

Type of apartment


1 bedroom;

2 bedrooms

Annual fee

€ 150

€ 200

€ 250

Prices are per year, not including VAT


Maintain your property clean and order has never been so easy before our cleaning service. The standard cleaning at the end of stay is € 30 and includes a change of bedding and cooking suites for a new host. For those who arrive late at night, a package of "welcome" can be ordered for € 20. Daily cleaning services are also possible if you ask - you can ask the details.


We work with three local ohranitelnymi companies that offer round-the-clock protection by no more than € 99 a year. More detailed information can be obtained by phone - 00359 3 ...,- 00359 39 00 70 -0052 39 00 80 from one of our managers to service the real estate in Bulgaria.

Financial advice

Lack of personal funds are not an obstacle to the acquisition of real estate in Bulgaria. If your investment requires more financial resources than you have, we can assist you in obtaining loans, credit for mortgages, to refinance.

Additional services that can be ordered through us:

  1. The design and gardening of yards and gardens
  2. Pool care
  3. Implementation of construction, pipeline, water and repairs, painting, etc.
  4. Housekeeping, hourly child care & nurse
  5. Mount a video surveillance system (CCTV) and / or other security systems at home


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