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Bonus Program for travel agencies

Bonus Program "4 steps to LIDERSHIP"

This bonus program can take part, any travel agency wants to get to the standard commission an additional bonus package from the Tour Operator company «MORE.RU».

Conclusion agency or contract of sale is mandatory for agencies wishing to participate in the bonus program of Tour Operator company "MORE.RU".

Conversion charges is carried out independently by «MORE.RU».

For information on the commission for network agencies must clarify in the main office administering the network.

Attention! Advertising and informational tour,SPO, cancelled the application and booking air tickets in the bonus programs are disregarded.

Bonus Program "4 steps to LIDERSHIP" will be calculated on the following seasons:

     from March 2013 to September 2013 (inclusive)
     from September 2013 to February 2014 (inclusive)

Step 1 "primary": 35 applications +hotels 3*ALLINCL 1 pax,7 day.

Step 2 "progress": 75 applications+hotels 4*ALLINCL 1 pax,7 day.

Step 3 "intenseve": 100 applications+hotels 5* ALLINCL 1 pax,7 day.

Step 4 "leader": refund 5%.

Attention travel agencies are already cooperating with turoperatorskoy company "MORE.RU":

The size of your feeremains the same, and you'll be able to participate in the new bonus programs for tourist companies with high commission.

Watch for additional shares and special offers.


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